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About Us -

       The greatest beauty in Architectural practice is the balance between client's dreams. and at the same time creating architectural marvel. Being practical, mixed with a bit of. Imagination is the exact indrigent of a good project, this is exactly what we do under. "Cube - Gokhale & Associates."
        Cube Gokhale & Associates is a group of creative people working together. Its not. undirectional activity, its like creative energy flowing in multiple directions.
The creativity of "Cube - Gokhale & Associates." has now two shades to represent two. different fields in Architecture. First is "Cube - Gokhale & Associates." which is now purely. architectural consultancy firm. Second is "Srujan Interiors." which is a contracting firm.. This is another effort towards diversification of our firm to cater the cosmopolitan needs. of  the society.
Scopes of these two firms are as under.

Cube - Gokhale & Associates :-
Architectural Consultancy
- Interior Consultancy

- Project Management Consultancy
- Government Approved Valuers.

Srujan Interiors :-
- Interior Contracting.
- Interior Turn-key Projects

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